ENGAGE is a European project that aims to support migrant women’s role as integration and community leaders.

Immigration is not a new phenomenon for Europe and migrant communities have always made a major contribution to the economic development of EU countries and to the cultural diversity which characterizes European society today. Successful integration of Europe's migrant communities into social, civic and political life is important in order to fully harness the economic potential and cultural diversity and achieve a cohesive and inclusive society in Europe.

Women have always had a significant role in the development of society. ENGAGE project partners recognized that supporting migrant and refugee women to become integration leaders in their communities can positively impact the integration process.

Central to the idea of ENGAGE is the provision of new, bespoke integration curricula and a suite of flexible and adaptable training resources. These resources will support migrant women to become integration ambassadors and leaders in their communities. They will also be helpful for adult educators who are tasked to provide the necessary education, knowledge and skills to migrants and refugees.

Project Overview